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Occupant Simulation in LS-DYNA®


  • Harikr­ish­na De­varaj

Occupant Simulation in LS-DYNA®


This two-day class overviews how to set up airbags, seat­belts, seats, and dum­my po­si­tion­ing. We will dis­cuss set­ting up and mod­i­fy­ing oc­cu­pant re­straints in a sled en­vi­ron­ment. Work­shops will be used to il­lus­trate these con­cepts. Up­on com­ple­tion, you will be able to de­sign and de­vel­op your own sled stud­ies for eval­u­at­ing re­straint sys­tems.


Day 1: Occupant Restraints Setup

  • Com­mon­ly used airbag types
  • Quick mod­i­fi­ca­tions of airbags
  • Airbag vent de­f­i­n­i­tions
  • In­fla­tor da­ta
  • Airbag quick fold­ing us­ing LS-Pre­Post®
  • Airbag en­cap­su­la­tion
  • Airbag de­ploy­ment through seat seam
  • Seat­belt types and com­bi­na­tions
  • Seat­belt rout­ing us­ing LS-Pre­Post
  • Seat­belt com­po­nents in LS-DY­NA
  • Seat com­pres­sion
  • Seat de­former tool in LS-Pre­Post
  • Dum­my po­si­tion­ing
  • Dum­my da­ta out­put
  • Oc­cu­pant-re­lat­ed con­tact set­up

Day 2: Linear Impactor and Sled Setup Workshop

  • Sen­sors in oc­cu­pant mod­el­ing
  • Lin­ear im­pactor test set­up
  • Sled test set­up