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Airbag Folding in LS-DYNA®


  • Harikr­ish­na De­varaj
  • Raghaven­dra Chivuku­la


  • $400
  • $200 for students

What's Included

  • Two days of in­struc­tion
  • Class notes
  • Con­ti­nen­tal break­fasts
  • Lunch­es
  • One class din­ner

Airbag Folding in LS-DYNA®


  • You should be fa­mil­iar with LS-DY­NA.


This two day class pro­vides an in­tro­duc­tion to airbag fold­ing and mor­ph­ing strate­gies in LS-DY­NA and LS-Pre­Post®. We will present the op­er­a­tions of pre-proces­sor based airbag fold­ing and sim­u­la­tion based airbag fold­ing along with a step-by-step pro­ce­dure to aid the im­ple­men­ta­tion of these fold­ing op­er­a­tions. We pro­vide work­shops demon­strat­ing each stage of fold­ing and mor­ph­ing.


  • In­tro­duc­tion
  • Overview of Airbag Fold­ing Method­olo­gies
  • Ap­pli­ca­tions of Airbag Fold­ing
  • LS-Pre­Post (Pre-proces­sor) Based Airbag Fold­ing Method­ol­o­gy
    • AB­FOLD Tool­box
      • Thin Fold
      • Thick Fold
      • Tuck Fold
      • Spi­ral Fold
    • Airbag Ref­er­ence Geom­e­try Ver­i­fi­ca­tion & Mor­ph­ing Tools
    • Work­shop
  • LS-DY­NA (Sim­u­la­tion) Based Airbag Fold­ing Method­ol­o­gy
    • Dyn­Fold Tool­box
      • SPC Tool
      • Load Mesh Tool
      • BPFG Tool
      • Stitch Tool
      • Tuck Tool
    • Sim­u­la­tion Fold­ing Mod­el­ing Prac­tices
    • Work­shop
  • Pas­sen­ger Airbag Mor­ph­ing
    • PAB Mor­ph­ing Tool­box
    • Work­shop
    • Ad­di­tion­al Mor­ph­ing Tools