Training Classes

General Information

  • Classes are held in Livermore CA and Troy MI.
  • The schedule of classes for 2018 can be found here.
  • Email Aleta Hays ( for questions about LSTC's classes.
  • The registration form PDF can be found here.

General Description of an LSTC Class

  • Registration. Once registered you will receive a confirmation with additional information about the class.
  • Duration. Classes generally start at 9 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. Some classes are half-day on the last day, ending about noon.
  • What's included:
    • Access to computer for workshop exercises
    • Daily breakfast and lunch
    • For classes that are two days or longer a welcome dinner on first night of class
    • 30-day demo LS-DYNA license
  • Payment:
    • Students with valid student ID or university email address qualify for 50% discount
    • Credit cards & invoices will be processed on the first day of  the class
  • Third Party Offerings. An incomplete listing of relevent classes offered by third-parties (not affilated with LSTC) is located here.


Class List

Title Price ($)
Advanced ALE Applications in LS-DYNA 600
Advanced LS-DYNA 400
Advanced LS-PrePost 400
ALE, Eulerian & Fluid-Structure Interaction in LS-DYNA 750
Airbag Folding 400
Airbag Modeling in LS-DYNA 400
Blast Using LS-DYNA 1,000
Composite Materials in LS-DYNA 1,250
1 Day course in LS-DYNA Contact 200
Crashworthiness in LS-DYNA 1,250
Fracture, Failure, and Damage in LS-DYNA 1,250
Electromagnetism 200
Incompressible Fluid Dynamics (ICFD) 400
Implicit in LS-DYNA 750
Intro to Finite Element and Meshfree Methods for Manufacturing and Failure Analysis 400
Introduction to LS-DYNA  750
Introduction to LS-PrePost 100
Introduction to LS-OPT 400
LS-OPT: Optimization & Probabilistic Design Analysis with LS-OPT 750
Material Characterization for Metals, Plastics  & Polymers: From Test Data to Material Model 200
Metal Forming Training using LS-PrePost and LS-DYNA 400
NVH & Frequency Domain Analysis 400
Occupant Simulation Class 400
Occupant Simulation Workshops  
Penetration Using LS-DYNA 1,000
Plasticity, Plastics, and Viscoplastic Materials in LS-DYNA 1,250
Rubber, Foam and Viscoelastic Materials in LS-DYNA 1,250
Shock Analysis w/USA/LS-DYNA (pdf) 750
Smoothed Particle Galerkin Method and Peridynamics for Failure Analysis 400
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) in LS-DYNA 400
User-Defined Materials in LS-DYNA 1,250