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Hybrid III Adult FAST

The RigidFE Hybrid III dummy models are based on the physical Hybrid III adult dummies. These models used to be called "RigidFE", which refers to the fact that the dummies are semi-deformable. This naming created some confusion. Therefore, the new naming includes "FAST", which refers to the fact that they are computationally inexpensive due to their low element count. The series includes a 5th percentile female, a 50th percentile male, and a 95th percentile male. For further details, please refer to the documentation that comes with the models.

All current models can be obtained through our webpage in the LSTC Models download section or through your LS-DYNA distributor.

To submit questions, suggestions, or feedback about LSTC's models, please send an e-mail to: Also, please contact us if you would like to help improve these models by sharing test data.