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LSTC Dummy Models Overview

Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs), as known as "crash test dummies", are life-size mannequins equipped with sensors that measure forces, moments, displacements, and accelerations. These measurements can then be interpreted to predict the extent of injuries that a human would experience during an impact. Ideally, ATDs should behave like real human beings while being durable enough to produce consistent results across multiple impacts. There are a wide variety of ATDs available to represent different human sizes and shapes.

The following models have been completed (in at least an alpha version) and are available for download:

All current models can be obtained through our webpage in the LSTC Models download section or through your LS-DYNA distributor.

To submit questions, suggestions, or feedback about LSTC's models, please send an e-mail to: Also, please contact us if you would like to help improve these models by sharing test data.