New Features - Metal Forming

Metal Forming New Features

1-1 A Customized Job Manager for Metal Forming Simulations
        Y.  Xiao, X.  Zhu, L. Zhang, H. Fan
1-2 Conversion between FLD and Stress Triaxial Limit Curve
           X.  Zhu, L. Zhang, Y. Xiao
1-3 Best Fit GUI for Metal Forming in LS-PrePost® 4.5
        Q. Yan, X. Zhu, P. Ho, L. Zhang, Y.  Xiao
1-4 Improvement of Sandwich Structure Part Adaptivity in LS-DYNA
           X.  Zhu, H. Fan, L. Zhang and Y.  Xiao
1-5 Defining Hardening Curve in LS-DYNA® 
         X. Zhu, L. Zhang, Yuzhong  Xiao
1-6 Lancing features in LS-DYNA
          Q. Yan, L. Zhang, Y. Xiao, X. Zhu, P. Ho
1-7 Improvements to One-Step Simulation in LS-DYNA,
         X. Zhu, H. Fan, L. Zhang, Y. Xiao
 1-8  Recent improvements in LS-DYNA® hot stamping simulations
             J. Zheng, X. Zhu and H. Fan