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Updated 06/30/1017

New Inflator Models in LS-DYNA®
K-S. Im, Z-C. Zhang, and G. Cook, Jr.

Improvement of Sandwich Structure Part Adaptivity in LS-DYNA
 X.  Zhu, H. Fan, L. Zhang and Y.  Xiao

Defining Hardening Curve in LS-DYNA®
X. Zhu, L. Zhang, Yuzhong  Xiao
New features of 3D adaptivity in LS-DYNA
W. Hu
Improvements to One-Step Simulation in LS-DYNA,
X. Zhu, H. Fan, L. Zhang, Y. Xiao

Thermal Coupling Method Between SPH Particles and Solid Elements in LS-DYNA
J. Xu, J. Wang

Lancing features in LS-DYNA
Q. Yan, L. Zhang, Y. Xiao, X. Zhu, P. Ho
LS-DYNA Smooth Particle Galerkin (SPG) Method,
C.T. Wu, Y. Guo, W. Hu