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License Troubleshooting

License Error 93

 *** Warn­ing Li­cense rou­tines forc­ing pre­ma­ture code ter­mi­na­tion.
Con­tact with the li­cense serv­er has been lost.
The serv­er may have died or a net­work con­nec­tiv­i­ty
prob­lem may have oc­curred.

THE MAIN CAUSE of this er­ror is that LS-DY­NA is so sub­merged in a com­pute loop that it fails to in­form the li­cense serv­er in a time­ly fash­ion that the li­cense is still in use. So the li­cense serv­er ex­pires the li­cense, there­by free­ing it for use by oth­er users. The next time that LS-DY­NA tries to con­tact the li­cense serv­er, it will print the above mes­sage, save all da­ta, and ex­it.

Ex­plic­it cal­cu­la­tions rarely cause such an er­ror, ex­cept while read­ing ex­treme­ly large in­put files. How­ev­er, LS-DY­NA's im­plic­it solver may not re­turn to the main LS-DY­NA loop of­ten enough to keep the li­cense alive.


  1. CON­FIG­URE LS-DY­NA TO USE AN EX­TER­NAL LI­CENSE CLIENT: All Lin­ux/­UNIX ver­sions of LS-DY­NA which can use a net­work li­cense can be con­fig­ured to use an ex­ter­nal li­cense client named "lstc_­client". To do this, you must set an en­vi­ron­ment vari­able
               setenv LSTC_­IN­TER­NAL_­CLIENT off
    This vari­able must be set when LS-DY­NA runs. Then LS-DY­NA will at­tempt to start the ex­ter­nal li­cense client lstc_­client. The ex­e­cutable lstc_­clientmust be in the path be­cause LS-DY­NA ex­e­cutes this pro­gram with no path pre­fix. This li­cense client will re­main in con­tact with the li­cense serv­er, there­by pre­vent­ing the li­cense serv­er from ex­pir­ing the li­cense.

    OB­TAIN­ING THE lstc_­client PRO­GRAM: In or­der to ob­tain the lat­est lstc_­client pro­gram, you must down­load the lat­est se­cur­tiy archive, and ex­tract the pro­gram. The archives are lo­cat­ed in the Li­cense Man­ag­er sec­tion of our FTP site. Be sure to view the README.first file for in­for­ma­tion about the cor­rect archive for your hard­ware and OS. Re­mem­ber to place the ex­tract­ed client pro­gram lstc_­client in the path of the user who is run­ning LS-DY­NA.

  2. UP­GRADE TO A NEW VER­SION OF LS-DY­NA:. This is the pre­ferred method for solv­ing the prob­lem. All ver­sions of LS-DY­NA at or be­yond 971 R5.0 au­to­mat­i­cal­ly cre­ate a sep­a­rate process to main­tain con­nec­tion with the LSTC Li­cense Man­ag­er, there­by elim­i­nat­ing li­cense time out is­sues. No en­vi­ron­ment vari­ables need to be set in or­der to in­voke this be­hav­ior.

NOTE ABOUT Win­dows: Win­dows ver­sions of LS-DY­NA be­fore 971 R5.0 can­not use an ex­ter­nal client. You must up­grade Win­dows ex­e­cuta­bles in or­der to fix this prob­lem.

OTH­ER POS­SI­BLE CAUS­ES OF THIS PROB­LEM: Old ver­sions of the li­cense serv­er com­mu­ni­cate with clients us­ing UDP pack­ets. Such pack­ets may not be rout­ed prop­er­ly, es­pe­cial­ly when deal­ing with com­pute clus­ters. Up­grad­ing the li­cense serv­er to the lat­est ver­sion may help with this prob­lem. If you are us­ing a PROXY SERV­ER to proxy li­cense re­quests to com­pute nodes of a clus­ter, then make sure you are us­ing the very lat­est PROXY SERV­ER. There is a bug in some pre­vi­ous ver­sions that caus­es the proxy serv­er to ex­pire the li­cense, mak­ing it false­ly ap­pear that the li­cense serv­er has ex­pired the li­cense.

OB­TAIN­ING THE PROXY SERV­ER: The PROXY SERV­ER is in­clud­ed with the Li­cense Man­ag­er soft­ware, and may be ob­tained from the Li­cense Man­ag­er sec­tion of our FTP site. Be sure to view the README.first file for in­for­ma­tion about the cor­rect archive for your hard­ware and OS. The PDF In­stal­la­tion Guidecon­tains more in­for­ma­tion about up­grad­ing a proxy serv­er in Chap­ter XII.

License Error 80

 *** Li­cense prob­lem ***
Net­work li­cense:

*** Er­ror Li­cense client can­not find a serv­er to talk to.
This is prob­a­bly a pro­to­col in­com­pat­i­bil­i­ty prob­lem

THE CAUS­ES:This er­ror in­di­cates one of two pos­si­ble prob­lems: ei­ther LS-DY­NA can­not con­nect to the li­cense serv­er, or no serv­er could be found which serves li­cens­es for the ver­sion of LS-DY­NA you are try­ing to run. There are a few things that you can check in or­der to de­bug and cor­rect the prob­lem.

  1. Check that LS-DY­NA is con­fig­ured to con­tact a valid li­cense serv­er. (Con­sult sec­tion III of the main down­load page.)

  2. See if oth­er li­cense util­i­ties can con­nect to the li­cense serv­er.

    • For Lin­ux/­UNIX/­So­laris, is­sue one of these com­mands

                  lstc_­qrun -s li­cense_­serv­er_­host_­or_­ip
      lstc_­qrun -s port@li­cense_­serv­er_­host_­or_­ip

      The 'li­cense_­serv­er_­host_­or_­ip' can be a lo­cal host name, a ful­ly-qual­i­fied host­name, or an IP ad­dress for the li­cense serv­er you want to try.

      If you do not have this util­i­ty, then down­load the pro­gram as part of the li­cense man­ag­er soft­ware. Look at the Lin­ux/­UNIX/­So­laris Li­cense Soft­ware down­load page for in­for­ma­tion about ob­tain­ing the LSTC Li­cense Man­ag­er Soft­ware.
    • For Mi­crosoft Win­dows, find and ex­e­cute the "lst­clmui.exe" util­i­ty. Open the LSTC Li­cens­es tab, and choose the op­tion to en­ter a serv­er name. En­ter a host­name, an IP ad­dress and, op­tion­al­ly, prepend a port num­ber (port@host_­or_­ip). Press the Re­fresh but­ton in or­der to ob­tain serv­er in­for­ma­tion.

    If you fail to con­nect to the serv­er us­ing "lstc_­qrun" or "lst­clmui.exe", then ei­ther (a) the li­cense serv­er is not run­ning, (b) you have in­cor­rect­ly spec­i­fied the host and/­or port, or (c) there is a net­work con­nec­tiv­i­ty prob­lem (per­haps a fire­wall is block­ing the traf­fic.)

  3. If you were suc­cess­ful in con­nect­ing the li­cense serv­er in step (2) above, then the prob­lem most like­ly in­di­cates that you are not li­censed to use the ver­sion LS-DY­NA you are try­ing to run. Dif­fer­ent re­vi­sions of 971 re­quire dif­fer­ent li­cens­es. You must man­u­al­ly check the serv­er li­cense file "serv­er_­da­ta" for a RE­VI­SION op­tion such as

                OP­TION: RE­VI­SION 6

    The re­vi­sion op­tion was added start­ing with 971 R5.