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Updated 08/30/2017.   Added to New Features under our  training link
   1.  Conversion between FLD and Stress Triaxial Limit Curve
   2.  A non-orthogonal material model of woven composites in the preforming process

08/28/2017 -I have added Predictive Engineering as a booth sponsor!!!   THANKS Predictive!

I have just uploaded the pdf's for the classes being given at the conference: 

15th International LS-DYNA® Users Conference:   See Conference link under Corporate
     1.   Arup will be hosting Monday Lunch on June 11, 2018
Toyota Motor Corporation - Keynote Address in Plenary Session

Abstract  Deadline: November 15th 2017    -    Paper  Deadline: February 14th 2018
         CALL FOR PAPERS  -      For questions on papers please contact

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                                                           Occupant Modeling Workshops by Sarba Guha now posted




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