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Methods & Modeling Techniques: Prerequisites for Blast & Penetration Simulation


  • Paul Du Bois
  • Dr. Len Schw­er

Methods & Modeling Techniques: Prerequisites for Blast & Penetration Simulation


  • You should be fa­mil­iar with LS-DY­NA®.


Ap­pli­ca­tions of LS-DY­NA fre­quent­ly in­clude com­plex and cou­pled physics where non­lin­ear­i­ties and fail­ure are the norm. These sim­u­la­tions of­ten guide prod­uct de­vel­op­ment and safe­ty as­sess­ments. In very few cas­es, some lim­it­ed ex­per­i­men­tal da­ta are avail­able to help guide the mod­el de­vel­op­ment and as­sess the ac­cu­ra­cy of the re­sults. When no ex­per­i­men­tal da­ta are avail­able or the LS-DY­NA pre­dic­tions are in­tend­ed to help de­vel­op lim­it­ed ex­per­i­ments, the cred­i­bil­i­ty of the re­sults must al­so be de­ter­mined.

This class teach­es you how to se­lect and use LS-DY­NA solvers to an­a­lyze blast and pen­e­tra­tion re­lat­ed prob­lems. This class should be con­sid­ered a pre­req­ui­site for the re­lat­ed Blast and Pen­e­tra­tion Mod­el­ing with LS-DY­NA class­es we of­fer. In­sights in­to these meth­ods and mod­el­ing are il­lus­trat­ed through ex­am­ples. We will em­pha­size mod­el­ing tech­niques, guide­lines for which tech­nique(s) to se­lect, which tech­niques work well and when, and pos­si­ble pit­falls in mod­el­ing choice se­lec­tions. We will al­so dis­cuss de­ter­min­ing sim­u­la­tion cred­i­bil­i­ty us­ing the fol­low­ing strate­gies:

  • so­lu­tion of mul­ti­ple mod­els with mul­ti­ple solvers,
  • checks of glob­al and lo­cal en­er­gies,
  • and mesh re­fine­ment.


Day 1

  1. Open­ing Re­marks(Len)
  2. In­tro­duc­tion to Mod­el­ing & Dim­u­la­tion (Len)
    1. Ver­i­fi­ca­tion & Val­i­da­tion
  3. 3D Mul­ti-Ma­te­r­i­al Ar­bi­trary La­grangian Euler­ian (MM-ALE)(Paul)
  4. 1D and 2D-Ax­isym­met­ric MM-ALE with Map­ping and Adap­tiv­i­ty (Len)

Day 2

  1. Con­tact: Ba­sics on how to make sure your con­tact worked (Paul)
  2. Flu­id-Struc­ture In­ter­ac­tion(Paul)
  3. Smoothed Par­ti­cle Hy­dro­dy­nam­ics(Len)
  4. Stress Ini­tial­iza­tion or Pre­loads (Len)